Elena Barraquer

Elena Barraquer

During her childhood she falls in love with her grandfather's and father's profession ``because I saw them enjoying their work every day``.

A member of one of the most prestigious ophthalmologist sagas in the world, Elena Barraquer fell in love with her grandfather and her father’s profession “because I saw them enjoying their work”. That was the seed of what would end up being a medical and solidarity vocation that knows no limits and has made her one of the most internationally renowned figures in the field of cooperation.

Specialized in clinical ophthalmology of the anterior segment of the eye, Elena Barraquer is internationally renowned in the field of cataract surgery and the evolution of its treatment. Thus, since she graduated in 1977 in Medicine and Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Elena Barraquer has focused on the development of ophthalmology, especially in the care and treatment of patients.

Elena Barraquer developed her professional career in the United States and Italy. What was presented to her in 1977 as an opportunity to learn research in Maryland ended up becoming a stay of more than 11 years of training. After two years working at the National Institute of Health, and two other doing pathological anatomy at the Wilmer Eye Institute (Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions), she earned her medical degree and majored in ophthalmology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (Harvard Medical School), making her one of the few specialists in ophthalmology who performed her entire specialty in the USA. Later she moved to Turin, Italy, where from 1989 to 2002 she practiced as an ophthalmologist and surgeon at the Bosio Barraquer Associated Medical Studio.
In 2003, she returned to Barcelona to continue her career: Elena Barraquer has been adding milestones in the field of international cooperation, with the Elena Barraquer Foundation being her most ambitious and charismatic project up to date.

Her solidary vocation

In 1979 Elena Barraquer participated in her first solidary trip to Haiti as a member of a team of ophthalmologists in Washington. That experience opened her eyes to the world of cooperation, seeing the amount of people she could help by simply doing what she knew best. After that trip and during her 13 years as head of the Barraquer Foundation, she carried out numerous medical expeditions impulsed by the idea that

if you operate a person with cataracts, not only does this improve their living conditions, but that of all members of their extended family


Elena Barraquer Foundation is undoubtedly the most ambitious project of Elena Barraquer, since it is a unique and pioneering initiative in our country, the direct result of that passionate and enterprising spirit that characterizes Elena and that spreads to her team conferring a social dimension to the medical projects.

For its implementation, Elena Barraquer has had the support of companies and individuals who have been infected by her spirit of solidarity.

If all the ophthalmologists in the world dedicate a week of our time to others, the problem of avoidable blindness would be solved



A declaration of intentions that sustains and encourages year after year the medical expeditions led by Elena Barraquer and with which they manage to restore sight and improve the quality of life of a large number of people.

After 13 years at the helm of the Barraquer Foundation’s international cooperation program,
with the accumulated experience of:


OPERATED cataracts


glasses delivered
Elena Barraquer decides to take a step forward in her commitment to return the vision to people without resources, blind by cataracts
and creates the Fundación Elena Barraquer