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Components of a healthcare expedition

The Fundación Elena Barraquer team is part of the surgical care expeditions. It consists of an ophthalmologist surgeon, a clinical ophthalmologist, an anesthetist, an instrumentalist and two field assistants.
The technical staff are volunteers with the corresponding specialty to perform their function, but the field assistants are volunteers who do not need to have a specific degree.

Equipo Uganda 2019
From the field assistant
  • Support the instrumentalist in the preparation of the surgical material.
  • Wash and sterilize the instruments.
  • Dilate pupils to patients when necessary.
  • Serve patient support to enter or leave the operating room when necessary.
  • Help the consulting ophthalmologist or anesthesiologist.
From the field ophthalmologist
  • Select patients to operate.
  • Coordinate the query.
  • Control of post operated.
Of Fundación Elena Barraquer.
  • Obtain the Visas and carry out the entry procedures in the country.
  • Provide the stay and maintenance of the volunteers.
  • Have the travel ansurance policy in force.
Daily schedule.

The first day (Sunday) we unpack all the luggage and set up the surgery room. It usually takes about 4-6 hours.

From Monday through Friday the schedule is approximately the following, but it may vary depending on the country / hospital:

– 06:30 – Breakfast
– 07h00 – Departure from the accommodation
– 08h00 – Set up the surgery room
– 08h30 / 09h00 – Begin with surgeries
– 14h00 – lunch break
– 14h30 – reassemble the surgery room and start surgeries until the last patient is finished.
– After the last patient tidy up the surgery room, return to the accommodation and have dinner.

On the last day (Saturday), check the last patients operated on Friday, dismantle the surgery room and pack all the equipment.

Of all the volunteers
  • To cost the plane ticket to the country, as well as the internal tickets within the same. The volunteer agrees to travel with the Elena Barraquer Foundation team, who will buy the ticket and the volunteer must pay the amount in the following account: Banc de Sabadell _ ES 51 0081 5084 0400 0154 1460, specifying his name and expedition. The amount of the tickets is not refundable in case the volunteer decides not to travel at last.
  • Provide all the necessary documentation, as indicated, within the indicated period.
  • Have a passport with a minimum expiration of 1 year.
  • To have valid all the vaccines required by the country of destination.
  • Adapt to possible discomforts or situations.
  • Give the right image during the journeys and the stay in the workplace. Remember is representing the Fundación Elena Barraquer.
  • Be responsible for the roles and responsibilities you will perform.
  • Hold the pace of work.
  • Remember that we are not going on vacation or sightseeing.
  • Follow the guidelines of the expedition leader.
  • Sign the following documents before the departure: Personal data form, voluntary commitment, informed consent and confidentiality clause.


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